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24 Dec 2019

2019 Travel in Review - 52,848 miles, 137 hours, and 40 flights

As 2019 wraps up I wanted to do a personal year in review - I traveled a lot this year, and had the good fortune of being able to live and work in a lot of different places.


I use a fun app called App in the Air that tracks all my flights and it prompted me to make this post. They sent me a notification that they created a 2019 review video, which is below.

JonLuca's 2019 in Review

I took 40 flights, for a total of 137 hours, or 5 days 17 hours of travel. This means I spent ~1.56% of 2019 on planes.

I also traveled 52,848 miles by plane, which is the equivalent of 2.12 times around the world.

This was also all leisure travel - none of this was company paid or work travel.



I started the year off celebrating new years back home in Vicenza, Italy. For Christmas a friend and I got gifted a trip to Amsterdam, so on the 3rd we flew to AMS and spent a little under a week there.

ams pic 1
ams pic 2
ams pic 3
ams pic 4
ams pic 5

Amsterdam - January 3 to 7

I also had an incredible view of the Alps on the way back.

ams pic 2
ams pic 1

Amsterdam Flights

Later that week I flew to Berkely to start my last internship of my college career - helping build out the product at a small startup called Elevate Security.

berk pic 3
berk pic 4

Flying to Berkeley - January 20th

I visited SF a few times as well, but spent most of my time in Berkeley.

berk pic 4

I also flew down to LA for a quick weekend right at the end of January.


Flights: None

My February was fairly uneventful - I spent most of the time ramping up at work. No travels besides seeing friends in the area and exploring Berkeley.


Flights: SFO - LAX, LAX - SFO

In March I went on a few retreats - I did another trip to Los Angeles and went on one of my org retreats (shout out Scope!) and then in late March I did a work retreat to Lake Tahoe. I also celebrated a friends birthday at Le Boucherie, the high end restaurant at the top of the Intercontinental in downtown Los Angeles.

tahoe pic 1
tahoe pic 2
tahoe pic 3
tahoe pic 4
tahoe pic 5

Lake Tahoe Retreat - March 30th


Flights: SFO - LAX, LAX - SFO, SFO - LAX

In April I wrapped up my work at Elevate Security and ended up signing on full time to work at Pinterest.

campus pic 1
campus pic 2

Last few days on the Berkeley campus

I also had to find a new apartment in the city, move out of my sublet in Berkeley, and plan my round the world trip.

I had a very kind friend that agreed to help me move into my new apartment right at the end of April - I flew down to LA, then he and I drove up to Santa Barbara to pick up some of my stuff in storage, then we stopped in San Jose and finally dropped it all off at my new place in San Francisco.



This month was entirely dedicated to traveling. I won’t rehash it here, but you can read about it in its own post.


Flights: BKK - FRA, FRA - PMI, PMI - FRA, FRA - JFK, EWR - SFO


Streets of Mallorca

The first two weeks of June were also dedicated to my round the world trip. I started full time at Pinterest on June 14th.


First day of work at Pinterest

I really consider this month to be my move to San Francisco. I got settled into my apartment, bought furniture and started a new life in a new city.

sf skyline

Views of the city from the roof at work

At the end of June we also had the Pinterest Pride parade, which was a blast.

Pinterest Pride


Flights: SFO - SBA, SBA - SFO

August was my first full month of work - I spent a lot of time at work and didn’t do that much outside traveling.

I did go down to Santa Barbara for a week to see family, though. It was my fathers birthday so we enjoyed some beach time and just hung out in Montecito.

sb pic 1
sb pic 2
sb pic 3
sb pic 4

Santa Barbara - August 3 to 7

At the end of August I also met up with some friends and we all went to Outsidelands.

Childish Gambino at Outsidelands 2019


Flights: SFO - SAT, SAT - SFO

In September I went on a weekent trip to Pinnacles National Park.

pinnacles pic 1
pinnacles pic 2
pinnacles pic 3
pinnacles pic 4

Pinnacles National Park - September 13 - 14

Near the end of the year I also went to San Antonio, Texas and met up with a few people I met on the internet (my god!). In reality it was a pretty fun time - it was a bunch of other people interested in the churning hobby, so we all went for free and just met up.

San Antonio

The Alamo in San Antonio


Flights: SFO - SJD, SJD - SFO

The main vacation for October was San José del Cabo, and it was amazing. Went with a group of three other guys and we had an incredible time there.

cabo pic 1
cabo pic 2
cabo pic 3
cabo pic 4

Cabo San Lucas - October 23 to 28

I also used my resort credit from my Amex Aspire at the Waldorf Los Cabos and it was absolutely mindblowing. The Waldorf has quickly become one of my favorite luxury brands.

waldorf astoria

The Waldorf Cabo San Lucas


Flights: SFO - LAX, LAX - SFO

In November I went to a few friends birthdays down in South Bay, went to the Chrome Developer Summit, and flew down to LA for a quick weekend trip.


Chrome Developer Summit

I also checked out Mourad, in downtown San Francisco, which is absolutely a dining experience. Be ready to blow a bag (I think a dinner for two hit $400) but the attention to detail and service is just unmatched.


Mourad in San Francisco



Finally I wrap up the year as I write this, on Christmas Eve, with a whole lot more traveling.

I started December with the Holiday Party, a huge party thrown by Pinterest with an open bar, dancing, and photo booths. I obviously dressed the part.

holiday party outfit

Pinterest Holiday Party Outfit

The day after that I immediately flew into Bruges. I met up with an old friend there and enjoyed the city - I saw the Christmas markets, drank gluhwein and belgian beer, and went to the chocolate history museum.

bruges pic 1
bruges pic 2
bruges pic 3
bruges pic 4

Bruges - Dec 18 to 22

Drank a lot of Belgian beer - I always forget how cheap and how freely the beer flows in Europe.

bruges marshall

Dinner with a friend in Bruges

After Bruges I flew into Venice and met up with my father. I’ll chill in Vicenza for a little under a week, then head back to Amsterdam for a day, and then finally get a break for a day in San Francisco before heading to Santa Barbara until I start work again.



Finally I capped off my time in Europe at the Waldorf astoria in Amsterdam. It was probably my favorite hotel of the year - the service was incredible.

wal pic 1
wal pic 3
wal pic 2
wal pic 4
wal pic 4

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam - Dec 29

I got upgraded to their Premier King room with a canal view, and had personalized surprises the entire stay. I highly recommend the WA Amsterdam!

2019 -> 2020

This year I hit:

  • 52,848 miles
  • 137 hours
  • 40 flights
  • 12 countries

I averaged a flight every 9 days and a country per month.

It’s definitely been a busy year, but I hope to out do myself in 2020. I’ve already got a couple trips on the books (Chicago is in the works, as is another Hawaii trip. I also want to hit up South America for the first time). I’m not sure if I can fit another RTW in this year, but I’ll definitely try!


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